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Banner / text Advertising (CPM, PPC, CPL)

A web


or banner ad is a form of online advertising that entails embedding an advertisement on a web page. A


ad is intended to attract traffic to a website of landing page that is linked to the website of the


. A web banner ad is displayed when a web page that refers the banner is loaded on a web browser. Known as an ‘impression’ when the viewer clicks on the banner he is directed to the webpage or landing page advertised in the banner. This event is known as a ‘click through’. Most of the banners are delivered by a central

ad server



: One of the frequently used Jargons in Internet Advertising,CPM relates to the Cost Per Thousand Page Impressions. In this type of banner


, the


pays for each 1,000 ad views that the banner gets.



Cost Per Click

(CPC) is the amount of money that is paid by an


to search engines and other internet publishers for a single click on its advertisement that brings one visitor to its website. For every click or for every advertiser, the


pays to search engines and online publishers.


: Cost Per Lead is an online advertising pricing model. In this form of banner advertising, the


pays for an explicit sign-up from an interested consumer who is interested in the advertiser’s offer. CPL is one of the popular pricing models effectively used by online advertisers. Also at the pinnacle of internet advertising ROI hierarchy, CPL Advertising enables online advertisers to generate returns on their online investment.

CPL advertising

enables advertisers to generate guaranteed returns on their

online advertising

dollars, which is especially useful in a tough economy.
Standard Ad Sizes (to some extent)

Banner and button ads
Leaderboard728 by 90
Full banner / Impact banner468 by 60
Banner150 by 150
Banner120 by 240
"Skyscraper" ads
Thin Skyscraper120 by 600
Standard skyscraper160 by 600

Web banners function the same way as traditional advertisements do. These banners notify or inform consumers about a product or service presenting various reasons why the consumer should choose the advertised product. Web banners are advantageous over traditional ads as they can be monitored real-time and may also be targeted to the viewers’ interests.

Text-based banner Ads- Text-based banner ads are mostly dominated on the web by their graphical-based counterparts. However, text-based ads have powerful advantages over graphical ads as these ads can be instantly downloaded and are not affected by ad blocking software.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

is a popular form of online banner advertising. It is one area where text ads have thriven. Mainstream advertisers have begun to discover the power of text ads through

affiliate marketing.

In-text contextual advertising- In-text contextual advertising is a form of online advertising in which specific words within the text of a particular webpage are associated with the advertising content. In-text contextual ads are commonly used by various online advertisers.

Why Banner Advertising is beneficial for your brand?

Banner Advertising is the most common form of promoting a brand through online media. Infact some advertisers consider banner advertising synonymous to online advertising. One of the rising marketing fads, online advertising experts opine that banner ads if properly implemented can effectively position a brand through online media. The following paragraphs talk about the benefits of banner advertising and also highlight how a banner advertising campaign can reach out to lakhs of target customers within a short amount of time.

Inexpensive means of online advertising

Banner Advertising is considered an inexpensive means of promoting a brand or business through online media. Whether the advertiser selects pay per click or flat rate payment, he doesn’t spend much on the promotion campaign by advertising through banner displays. At a very nominal price, one can run a banner ad campaign on his product on hundreds of sites and only pay a few pennies for visitors that click on the banner ad.

Possibility of targeting specific customers

One of the major benefits of banner advertising is its targeted audiences for the various banner ad displays. Reaching out to more potential customers, attracting new customers and spreading awareness about the brand among a wider target group are possible through banner advertising campaigns. Another advantage of banner advertising is that one can also choose the types of sites on which the banner ads will appear.

Your brand will benefit a lot from banner advertising provided you know the right tricks and tactics of promoting it on online media. Internet Advertising is growing at a fast pace. Reaching out to innumerable target customers through a single advertising campaign, an online ad display assures effective reach and branding of your product among target groups. However, before you decide to launch a banner ad campaign of your brand, consult a banner advertising expert who can provide you valuable ideas or inputs on this type on internet advertising.

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